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shortcuts - (little) issues with title and arguments


I have some shortcuts which pass an argument (filepath) to a program.

Shortcuts work fine from the folder, starting the program with the desired file.
Dragging the shortcut to LBC:
1.copy shortcut properties: launch works, however the title and the hints are set to the launched program.
this requires manual correction, since it is not helpful to have many times the same title in LBC ;)
There may be reasons to take the program as title, but it seems to be more logical to take the filename of the argument as title, if the argument represents a file. Or the title of the shortcut.
Maybe a third option in the dialog?

2. link to shortcut:
uses now the name of the shortcut as title, which is good.
when started from lbc the program starts, however with the last file used, not with the file which is the argument...
All paths are without spaces or problematic characters, I tried with and without quotes, the shortcuts placed in the same directory like the files, or in a different one.
Finally, I found the issue: it is the %file%-entry in the arguments section. After deletion the launch with the desired file works.
I suggest to leave the arguments section empty if a shortcut contains a filepath as argument.
Not a big issue, but inconvenient with some dozens of shortcuts.


1. Yes, I can see how it might be smarter to use the name of the shortcut, maybe i'll change that.

Can you explain #2 a bit more?

Hi, Mouser,
sorry for the late response, I missed to click notify on response.
#2: sorry, I was inaccurate.
The problem occurs, if I have a shortcut, which is containing a path to program, followed by a path to a file, in order to start the file with a program which is not the standard program.
In this case just the program is started, obviously without passing the file, thus the program uses the file which was the last one opened - as long as "%file%" is in the argument section. If that is deleted the desired file is opened. Since it took me quite a lot of testing - despite I'm not inexperienced - I suggest that LBC handles this situation by itself to prevent users from despair ;-)

Related to that: the "hint" field is filled with program information, not with the filename. And if icons are assigned to the shortcut, they are not used by lbc automatically, either the program icon is used, or it is left blank.


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