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Most advanced tagging functionalities?

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What programs have the most advanced file tagging functionalities? To clarify: I am not talking about multimedia tagging, where the metadata fields are fixed. I am talking about free-form tagging of any files, with tag fields arbitrarily defined by the user, for managing large collections of heteronegeous files.

Functionalities such as logical operations with tags (set theory and such), wildcards in the tag queries (e.g. include all tags that match abc*), virtual folders based on tags, etc. would especially be very much appreciated.

Any ideas related to tagging programs, even if not currently implemented in a program, would be welcome in this thread.


Paul Keith:
Well nowadays there's different functionalities of tags depending on the service.

Plus wanting virtual folders then I can't imagine there's a software out there that has both unless you mean something like Evernote Notebooks.

I haven't tested any software but this seems advanced:

Personally the tag manager I use the most is Tobu and online it's Workflowy. Neither supports virtual folders though.

For ideas, imagine an emotional tag that syncs with another tag. Basically turning one tag into an off/on button and the other tag into a container for two different sets of tags.

I would have imagined virtual folders to be something normal for tag-based systems. Maybe I used the wrong word. What I mean is custom views (file listings) based on a user-defined search specification, based on tags of course. For instance, the query may request the list of all files that have tags tag1 and tag2 but not tag3.
The resulting listing is what I was calling (maybe wrongly) "virtual folders".

Edit: to be proper "virtual folders", I think that probably they will need to be sort of permanent (i.e. until they are deleted). Of course they would have to update themselves automatically.

There's been some discussion in DC Forum related to File Tagging, but it's been ad hoc and is a bit scattered about.
For example, some that I know of:
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Hope this helps or is of use.
Note 2014-08-07 1029hrs: Link to SQL Express Problems added to this post, as it relates to a rather interesting Tagging/Categorisation tool called Tabbles.

Thanks for the links.
I hope to revive the discussion in this thread.


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