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I say advanced because this is by no means something a lot of people will use or be interested in. I'm looking for an app that can automatically detect what language I'm typing in. The reason I ask this is because I use IRC quite a bit and am always logged into both English and German speaking channels at the same time. You all know that the German language has Umlauts. It would be awesome if I could have an app running that could automatically detect whether I'm typing in German or in English, so that I could have Umlauts ready for use when I start typing in German... and yet have the basic English keyboard input ready for when I type in English

See now why I said advanced? This is pretty complicated, and in fact I doubt it exists, but that's why I'm posting this question. This requires real-time language detection and real-time keyboard layout switching, beacuse the German keyboard with Umlauts is not the same as the English keyboard.

Again, I doubt it exists, but that's why this thread is here


i'm not sure exactly what you want it to "do" when it detects different typing but..
if its only in irc that you need this, then it would be 1000x easier to write something that behaved differently depending on what irc channel window you were in.

True. The IRC channel thing would suffice :)

Upon further thought, this is a huge waste of time. So actually, let's forget about it. It's really not a big deal at all.. Umlauts can be written as AE, UE, AEU and so on. Finding a tool like this would be hard and take time, and it really is nothing but a waste of time.

Sorry for posting this

Since Windows 2000 Windows supports several keyboard layouts (Region settings) and even allows to configure system-wide shortcuts to switch between keyboard layouts.

So all you've to do is to hit a shortcut every time you change a IRC channel.


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