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Android: Looking for true app data backup solution

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It has a 'donate' button which will charge you $5 from Google Play - the "Offers in-app purchases" you see on the Play store page is probably due to that.

I don't recall running into any required in-app purchase situations.  However, there are several parts of the app I haven't used (ROM management, font installation, boot animation).

I went ahead an bought titanium backup. I'm going to pass on Rom Toolbox though. I use multirom with a modified TWRP recovery for my roms, and I don't have a need to change fonts. I also just manually change my boot animation, because I rarely change it anyways. I was tempted to buy Rom Toolbox tho when I saw SassiBob's video was on the page.

Nandroid, is like a noun/verb (very confusing) that basically means an image of your phone.  You can only do a Nandroid outside of the OS (like in twrp or cwm).  THis is definitely my preferred restoring method.  When I restore my system (all apps, settings, anything) using a Nandroid, everything restores perfectly.  If I try to restore within android using titanium or ROM toolbox doesn't work nearly as well.

So how do you make a nandroid?  From ROM toolbox, you backup your ROM.  It will reboot and do it automatically.-superboyac (July 14, 2014, 05:41 PM)
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Nandroid is a portmanteauw of NANDw which is the internal flash memory of the device and Android which is the OS, of course. As far as I know, any custom recovery can make a Nandroid backup.

Titanium Backup Pro is really nice, and worth it. It's what I would recommend, for when a Nandroid backup doesn't suit the situation. I also like that it can sync your backups to Dropbox, or Box, or Google Drive.

But also, if you combine Titanium Backup with BitTorrent Sync, you can just automatically sync your backup directory to your PC (with the BT Sync client installed/running) so you're not limited by cloud storage space.


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