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Twitter accounts spying on government Wikipedia edits

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In light of the way we all are spied on, I suppose turn about is fair play! ;)

These Twitter accounts tweet every time a government makes an anonymous edit to a Wikipedia article. - Canada - Sweden - UK - US

Source code is available here:

Anyways, I figured that more than a couple people here would get a kick out of that.

Just a quick observation: The Canadians seem to do a lot of grammar edits, while the US counterparts do touchy-feely nonsense.

They are brand new, so not much in there. It should be fun though to see what happens. :)


It appears that there are more and more targeted bots coming out now:

I'm sure there are more out there.

Get your popcorn! This is going to be a fun show! :D

This is actually good news. :P

Adding more above.

Think you got UK and US links mixed up?

"My Wikipedia entry doesn't mention the long haired cats! It MUST mention the long haired cats! Somebody get on that, right away!"


Those bots are starting to make waves as we're seeing news stories about them now:

Yesterday I wrote an article about a new Twitterbot called GCCAEdits, which monitors revisions made to Wikipedia articles and tweets every time it catches an edit made from a Canadian government computer.
--- End quote ---

If you want a laugh or 2, go here:

Then click through to each "Next edit". It's just hilarious! :D MPD & mild tourettes? :)


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