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Ontology or semantic or pick up organizing from the web


Ontology or semantic or pick up organizing from the web.

I have spent a lot of hours trying to solve my problem with "the words" and the complexity of the language.
Bad memory and obsession with the information and documentation.
Sure are superlative tools superior to goldmine 5.5, but this is my base operations tool.
For the webs operations, additionally, I would like a tool flexible to organize "automatically"  all that works and research we do when surfing internet.....
That's the idea.
Something more than the internet history CCleaner finally deleted certain time past.
My additional problem is that i don't use one browser in particular. Now i am in firefox, but yesterday in chrome, sometimes in IE.
So the application may recognize when i am surfing in a browser.....

May be ?

P.D. Better if portable.
Better if i can join or merge the information if necessary....

I have seen :

semantic tool Knowledge Acquisition and Management

I found this. Just taking a look :

The life is wonderful
Doing another consulting obtain an answer for this purpose

Wonderful indeed !!!!!!
Running to try

Ontological   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I found this :

Seems abandoned software.


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