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Errors/Program Termination on Save

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More often than not, I get the attached error whenever I add a new node and then save the file... Any ideas?

What operating system?
Did you run the installer or are you using portable version?
If portable version or if you custimized save location, is the file being saved in a directory you have normal write access to?
Did you copy settings from one computer to another?

So I'm running Windows 8.1 (winver shows 6.3 (Build 9600)).  I do have the portable version installed pointing to a different directory that I have r/w access to.  It is a directory that is inside of my Google Drive directory.  This is a new installation, and not a copy

My ConfigDir.ini contains:


Thanks... André

can you check if this might be causing the problem: "It is a directory that is inside of my Google Drive directory"
try putting it somewhere more traditional and see if it fixes the problem.. if so i can try to diagnose the issue.

So I moved the directory structure and got the same results -I don't get the error all the time, but I get it periodically... Typically when adding/deleting a node (vs. editing a label, or something more impactful).


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