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Flat File Mini CMS in PHP

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OK, I've been really pining for something like this for years.  Here's what I'm going to do in the coming months:
I'm going to make a planning document that will detail out how such a website builder should work.  I will have nice diagrams and visuals and very clear explanations about how everything should function.  I probably won't be able to program, but I think I can put together a pretty good game plan.  Maybe someone will create it, maybe not.  Maybe I'll be able to do something in the future.  But at the very least, I want to write down my idea for such an application.  I think such a thing could be immensely powerful and useful.  Look at how Wordpress has evolved from a blog to being able to do so much more.  I think this idea here can be even bigger, easier, and more useful.  More on this to come eventually, but it's not going to be quick or anything as I'm working on several other ideas currently.  This one is really bugging me, though.  I thought when I started thinking about this 3 years ago that something would have come along by now, but I don't think it has.

looking forward to the planning document .. if you do a good job of creating a planning document, and don't go overboard in terms of complexity and features, there is a good chance someone will code it.

@Super AC -- This is a huge first step toward your other post goal of learning to program(as stated in another post).  It's what 90% (SWAG Certified) of business people fail to understand;  If you can't do it on paper/flowchart, you can't do it on a computer.  So many times people (me included) have started working on a solution before fully understanding the problem*.  If you make good decisions in your design, you will be miles ahead in your development.

* The result of which is failed projects or projects that require full re-writes for version 2.

Go forth and conquer! 


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