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DC Homebrew Mini-CMS Discussion

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nice discussion of push+pull cms strategies:

@Mouser - Can you (or one of your minions) mock up a user interface for this? 

The actual make-the-site-from-the-templates-and-content part of this seems pretty straight forward.  The tricky bits will be what you expect users to see and do.  I think it would be beneficial to mock up a few parts of the UI for a couple of reasons:
1) It would help us define some of the details
2) It might help us group some components and distribute them among developers.


yeah i can try.

cool  ;D

I hope I could join you.. I just need to catch up with PHP's  features ...

Hi Jereme, and anyone else wondering: This thread died off 4 years ago in 2006. Be sure to look at the dates of posts to see if they're still relevant. :Thmbsup:


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