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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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unfortunately, i can't use the new beta1 version at all - as soon as i click on a window title bar and drag it my mouse cursor become locked onto the title bar and won't release ????????????????

oh dear.  :huh:

WTF.... I can't reproduce that, in any of the computers i am trying. I'll look into it!

thought i better try it again but whatever i do as soon as i click a title bar it sticks to my cursor.


tried again...

the title bar always becomes stuck to the mouse cursor when i click on it...

but, i can release the title bar by left double clicking - the window doesn't resize or do anything after that.

the good news is that i've seen the 'grid overlay' mechanism - and i've realised how it works (on my machine, at least).

does this sound right:

3rd mouse button click and hold inside window then right mouse click to bring up the 'grid overlay' then move cursor and right click to select 'grid'.

i've also had the 'side triggers' working - in a similar way to the above but without the 3rd mouse button click.

i've also noticed that i can't minimise or restore windows when the new beta version is running.

i can see the potential of this mechanism - it appears that the only difference to what i originaly suggested is that the edges of the screen act as a single trigger and then you move the mouse cursor to select the grid you want to resize the window into.

this seems like a very nice way of working i wish i could test it more but it's not really practical to use at the moment on my system.

i hope trying to solve it isn't too much of a headache??????

I've tried it already in 4 different computers, some even without ahk installed, and never could reproduce the problem you had.

Let's try a few stuff: please download the latest version of ahk, and test the script i've attached to this post. (just run it, and follow the message boxes). Then, post if it worked correctly.

BTW, which OS are you running?

The problem you mentioned is exactly what would happen if in the following lines:

--- ---SnapWindow:
  send, {LButton up}was

--- ---SnapWindow:
  send, {LButton down}instead.

I'm finding it a bit odd, but let's try to find out if that's it.


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