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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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aarontx: Honestly, it never occurred me that someone would need such a function, so it's not possible to do that GridMove.

First: Thanks for the great program. On a Full-HD screen, this is a must-have. You cannot browse the web with 1920px width browser-window as a lot of sites use 100% width and therefore reading texts is painful. But half of 1920px is not enough (windows 7 makes half the screen easy). So your app makes this work in a cool and easy way.

But I have kind of a problem: When I plug in my external monitor into my laptop, I need to restart GridMove because the external monitor has another resolution. Couldn't Gridmove detect whenever I plug an external monitor in or out and restart itself? This would be very helpful.

Thanks again for your great program.


Hi Christopher, welcome to DC!

Actually, that was a feature of GridMove, but it caused random restarts to too much people, and I ended up disabling it.
Right now, I guess the best way to do it is just to press win+g (to show the command window) and then 'r' (to restart GridMove).


okay, thanks for the info and the tip with the shortcut. That's already a bit better. Maybe you could make the feature optional and turn it off by default? So people that want the feature although it might cause random restarts can turn it on whereas people that do not need it or do not want random restarts could turn it off?

How did you detect this? Event listener that is called when devices change? I think you might be able to check the resolution every few seconds and if it changed, restart GridMove. Or when the event was fired, you could check whether the resolution really changed and only restart if it did.

I found this utility as I was looking for a way to define Windows for certain programs to be placed on a specific screen and a specific size.  This looks like it *ALMOST* fits the bill.  Which leads to this suggestion: I'd like to be able to define certain programs to automatically go to a certain grid location - doable?


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