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IDEA: drag window to edge automatically resizes it

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This program is brilliant! Any chance we can get different templates on different monitors? My secondary is widescreen and my primary is 4:3! I switch manually when positioning windows at the moment, it's a bit kludgy...
-supersocialist (March 17, 2007, 04:37 PM)
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Well... Templates can be custom-made, so, yes.
I know the help file isn't much of a "help" and is quite confusing, but it (tries to) explains how to do it.
Or you could just post here which 2 grid you'd like to join and (if it wouldn't take much time), i could do the one you want.


This app is great!
I work on a lot of different machines and that's why I use All my favorite programs are on my USB stick.

The problem is that GridMove.exe dumps the 'Grids', 'Images', 'Plugin' and some other files in the root of my removable device drive ansd not in the directory where the exe resides.

Is it somehow possible to change the program so that it tries to read the ini file from the application dir?

Keep up the good work,

tamer1: actually, all those files are supposed to be created at the directory where the .exe is...
The only explanation would be that it behaves differently on a usb stick, but i find that a bit odd.

[edit] just tested it with my usb stick, and i don't get the behaviour you mentioned.. [/edit]

Okay, it looks like the problem is the PortableAppsMenu program that launches GridMove.exe

When i launch GridMove.exe by double clicking it in my Explorer window it acts normally, but when I launch it using the PortableApps Menu, the working directory (or the last used directory) of GridMove.exe is being set to the last used directory of the PortableApps menu executable.

May more luck on their forum.
Thanks for the quick reply!

Oh, i see the problem...
GridMove creates the files on the working directory.
Actually, this might not make much sense...
I'm not sure how to change it, though


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