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TrueCrypt is Now Abandonware?!

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Due to being afflicted with the serious malady of being a digital packrat, I seem to be in possession of the installers for most versions of TrueCrypt going back to v3.0.

If anybody needs one, give me a shout.

TrueCrypt Warrant Canary Confirmed?

Like a comment there says, who is "Alyssa Rowan"?

Yeah, I saw that note too. Interesting how different sites have "personalities" on their comments. A current early concern is how do we cleanly know that such a sparse source of potential info is an authorized post for real and not some troll piggybacking on the other theory I saw which was "devs got grumpy and rage-quit." (But if so, then I'd think you'd end of life it, so the abruptness is again confusing people.)

Meanwhile I wouldn't put it past the gov to add a new little rule that tries to take out canaries as the way around "neither confirm nor deny". This whole topic is a twisty onion full of layers!

Like a comment there says, who is "Alyssa Rowan"?
-rgdot (June 01, 2014, 06:12 PM)
--- End quote ---

Heh you got in ahead of me. One of the Slashdot gang says someone *by that name/handle* has been legit in security crypto circles. But then see my note, "is this the real person or more dis-info?"


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