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pdf tool for search and removal of batches of elements in pdf

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A few years back I used a small GUI pdf tool for Windows to search and remove batches of elements in pdf, for example recurring headers with a specific text string. But I don't have it anymore! What is worse, I don't remember the name of the tool. IIRC it let you load a pdf and visualised the pages with only the element boxes (it didn't render the pages like a regular pdf viewer). There was a search feature for types of elements including search for text strings. It also had a sort of tree structure to browse through.

Help me find it! Any suggestions welcome. It is not Acrobat, Briss, PDFCrop, PDFMasher  (I will keep this "rule these out" list updated)
edit: And not PDFedit, A-pdf tools, pdfmagus tools, Govert's tools, pdfscissors, PDF Mod, PoDoFo-Tools, Pdfvole.
edit2: And not pdftk server, pdffill tools or PDFCosEdit.

Don't know about all of the features you mentioned, but am reminded of:

These guys have a lot of custom tools for various types of PDF editing:

Maybe Simple PDF Text Replacer (free, I think) or the more advanced PDF Text Replace Tool ($26 using PayPal, $36 using Digital River) at pdfmagus PDF Document Modification Tools?  I used PDF Text Replace Tool fairly heavily a few years ago.

... the more advanced PDF Text Replace Tool...-rjbull (May 25, 2014, 03:50 PM)
--- End quote ---

I remember trying to test this one on 64-bits Win 7, but couldn't make it work. I now see it hasn't been updated since August 2010, so I wonder if it is worth the asking price...


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