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Android: Note-taking App with Encryption, Source Code, ... ?

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Looking for a note-taking Android app with encryption, source code, local backup / restore, and being actively maintained.

Candidates so far (not necessarily fulfilling all criteria):

OI Safe

May be KeePassDroid can be shoe-horned for the purpose via its comment field...though perhaps that's not so great.

Any favorites / recommendations?

Additional things that have turned up:

Secret Space Encryptor
AES Crypt - source for the Android version doesn't appear to be available
Universal Password Manager

Root needed:


Thanks for this list ewemoa, will have a look. Looking for something like this is on my todo list as well. Although I'd like to have something for both Android and iOS and it should sync to dropbox (which seems to be the de-facto standard cloud service on iOS). Markdown capability would be a plus.

I'm not sure about encryption and what you mean by source code, but WorkFlowy has both iOS and Android clients and the pro version backs up to Dropbox. There is also an off-line Chrome app.

It's primarily marketed as an outliner, todo and brainstorming app, but it can be used as a text-only note-taker, where notes can be organised within one overall hierarchy. Each item in the outline has a note field, so it's basically a single-pane outliner with inline notes, all contained within a single (eventually giant) outline as the overall database. The search and hoist functions make it manageable to live within such an infinite outline. Easy export to plain text, formatted text, and OPML.

Encryption is the important part here: it means that all your notes (or information to make it more general) are encrypted and decrypted directly on your devices (aka client side encryption).

WorkFlowy doesn't seem to do that.

The source code aspect is for multiple reasons including but not limited to:

Motivation to not hide / do user-unwanted things (no guarantee ofc)
Might be easier to fix if something is broken
Ability to study and modify


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