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4 (Maybe more) Absolute top go-to programs

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Oops...have I leaked out of bounds, both numerically and OS-wise?
--- End quote ---

Just run less a few more times.  That'll fix it.  :)

Ha ha!  Good one :Thmbsup:

Though to work on Windows out-of-the-box, I guess I'd need to use "|" and "more" ;)

End of 2014, but I prefer to rescue this thread.

syncovery: backup your stuff
the bat: my email client
xplorer2: I tryed almost all, but feel confortable with this one
sandboxie: a must have (period)
emeditor: fast text editor
cintanotes / swift to-do

happy holidays!

On the NIX platform:

* FocusWriter - NIX alternative to WriteMonkey
* Remmina - multi-platform remote desktop client.
* Sublime Text Editor - multi-platform text editor.  The best IMO.
* KeyPassX - NIX alternative to KeePass
* Scrivener - robust "alpha" version for Linux
* VirtualBox - multi-platform VM manager. When I absolutely must use a Windows-only app, I'll mostly do it using this.
* Shutter - until Mouser breaks down and does a version of Screenshot Captor for Linux, I'm stuck with this.

Thanks for the Shutter mention 40hz, running to try :D


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