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4 (Maybe more) Absolute top go-to programs

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Just a thread to mention some programs that are absolutely at the top of your daily list that you'd be annoyed not to have around. The trap here is that second tier that are useful but only on occasion.

With a little work I came up with mine:

Taskbar Shuffle just sitting there. I shuffle my tabs around all day long.

That slightly unheard-of Non-NANY entry here Trandesk is a desktop splitter so you can hide some work on one tab and then later goof off on another tab without the cognitive load of 12 open browser windows and X tabs.
(It was buried in the C+ contest. There are many other splitters, but this one is good enough for me.)

Then Mouser's SC with his 1-click tweak he put in a while ago.

Into Tom Revell's Stickies. The trick is you bury the stickies on tab 4 of Trandesk, and whatever else useful junk like task manager and more. Notice the little green monitor is visible on all four tabs. And it all sits there. So you have an explosion of open stickies there. But on Trandesk nodes 1 and 2, you can make your few new important stickies. Node 3 is left for misc temporary experiments.

Yes, there's a minor problem if you reboot, you lose your Sticky placement. With a lot of work you can get it back. The easier way I do it is just re-open Trandesk, copy the image and make a new Sticky on tabs one and 2 and one day when you are bored you have two copies of it on Node 4 so you can delete one.


It's not hard limited to 4 - just my method of narrowing down the supply of "useful stuff" to a flow that is absolutely at the top of your list. But the theme is stuff you absolutely use every day.

Without these my brain can not function:

* DClock2
* Notezilla

Without these, I can not work:

* Notepad2
* KeePass
* Filezilla
* Paintshop Pro
* Pale Moon (replaces Firefox)
* oDesk's time tracking software
* Open Office
* Screenshot Captor
* Foxit Reader
* Dropbox

Total Command
Ad Muncher
K-Lite Codec Pack (mega)
Office (2003)

Must have basics on any personal machines.

nm - read it wrong..  started to add others. ;D

Pale Moon

Browser Bunch, which launches PM with my startup sites

Transpose, a potpourri of hotkeys active in editors and browsers, examples.. control t to transpose 2 characters left of the caret, press shift key while left mouse button down in browser copies selection to clipboard, control F9 looks up word left of caret in The Free Dictionary etc..

EditPad Lite 7, very nice free text editor

MoveIt, my hotkey window positioning/moving utility

and of course I always have FARR running.  :)

1 only ;-)Lynx (switch from Firefox)


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