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Need a way to modify a Subject Line in Outlook Email using Scripts or Rules

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Help!  I hope someone else has had to do this and it is easy to accomplish.
Being the IT guy, I have full access to our mail server.   So I Know for a fact this is not being done there or by us.
But some mail server or some application (or maybe some malware ?) has decided to put the word "***SPAM***" in the subject line if a lot of email that is sent from a couple of users here.  I have tried my best to explain to them that if they Don't even bother to delete that word before they forward the message on, it leave me with no way to know when it happened. 
But trying to explain email "How Email Really Works"  to most people is the subject of many a cartoon.

Right now I just need a Bandage to get by until I can figure out who did it to whom.

I cannot see a way to remove that from the subject line.  I can scan for it  find it  but my options  if it is found do not include "remove this word" which is all I need for now.

I know this has happened in the past with AVG but no one uses AVG and this header marker is VERY specific  it ALWAYS puts that same "***SPAM***"
Preceding the subject.  If I could get it out for now it would help.  They forward email back and forth constantly so this mark is all there but who knows from where it started? 

Any help with a temporary fix would be appreciated. It sounds more like something MALWARE would do to me.

What kind of spam-blocking software is used on your mail server, or what external service are you using?  What kind of mail server software (MTU) is it (Exchange, postfix, sendmail...)?

IPSWITCH is a major email company.  We have Hosted mail.   I have direct access to all the terms that can be used as well as when they can be sued.
Nothing has any **'s in it
"Suspected Spam" is as bad is it gets.  Other than that, we have tried disabling every single check.  So much so, that I am concerned that it too much.

The people affected are the Owners (of course)  not anyone else.  At least not as far as I know.  They send me email that has been forwarded to almost everyone an d in each forward.  NO ONE even bothers to change the subject,  (DUH) :huh:
So of course, the word appears in every one,  Then they send ME the multi forwarded SPAM email.
All I can see in  the header is the last person who sent it.
I have had IPSWITCH run a check too.  We all need the same thing.\ONE single email that started out clean and ended up at the next person dirty
If I could get that forwa4rded as an attachment I could put an end to the mystery but... TRY as I might, they seem to WANT to NOT understand! :tellme:

SO.. I am going to for now kill the problem.  hey are all out of town, I cannot speak to them personally and even if I did, they STILL won't understand.

Oh,  OUTLOOK 2010/2013 using POP/SMTP and or IMAP.  As they ALL have two or three cellphones that have the exact same email accounts.

Most mail server software already have a spam-filter build in. For postfix (linux) that would be spam-assassin, if memory serves me right. And you can configure there if mails marked as spam automatically get *** SPAM *** added to the subject line. With the default configuration of Exchange 2010 I know that there are limits in how much messages can be sent per minute, just so you don't trigger anti-spam measures that are in place either internally or externally. Most professional email solutions will have something similar I'm sure.

Depending on your geographic location different organizations patrol the web marking you as a spammer when they see that is needed and then you'll have to prove to that organization that you aren't before they remove the block on all your (outgoing) mail. Had that happen twice to me, because some kid had installed a cheat or something for an online game he was playing. 

You should be able to access the logging. From there it shouldn't be that difficult to see who is the responsible user. If there is no such option, it sounds like you are at the mercy of either IPSWITCH or those "guardians".

Ah well, this is another example (for me) that shows you shouldn't depend too much on 3rd parties that over-promise and under-deliver, which is the bulk of cloud service providers (to me).


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