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Inverse filter for white windows

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Ask yourself if you're so desperately in love with Chrome/Chome-Clones that you cannot fill your other important need in Firefox. (After all rumor is it they are moving more towards Chrome in UI!)

In the Browser Wars, back when I just stopped being a Newbie, I had to pick a browser, and for all its minor faults about memory usage etc, FF/related won hands down for being the most extendable for "rare" custom needs like yours.

The crux is there is a key setting in FF that you *uncheck* that says roughly "allow page to pick its colors". To me that seems the key #1 to what you need. Then Key #2 is that a "Windows theme" is pre-picked, but *you make your own and save it somewhere*. Just to avoid a wall of text, I'll stop there and stay simple and post some screen shots to suggest my idea.

In my quick test, at no time (With Caveats! Ask me about C&C!) when "all the horsepower is turned on" did a truly "white" page appear while loading, which paraphrasing a software engineering spec "is what I think the requirement was".

I DID find an example where these sites that use these nasty Javascript slides and pops can try to use light colors, but that's Level 2 that we can get into later. To stay simple, see if these fit your bill.
Then the point is you have TWO themes (or three!?) and when you "want to turn off the lights" you switch on "Dark" and when you can handle the white you switch it back.

My rough point is it sounds like your light needs are pretty serious so some of the eyecandy seriously drops off, but that can only make nothing but sense if you view a special form of a website that isn't what the designer thought about. But if the text is there, and the links work, then I think you might "settle for a draw".

In my rough concept:

Inverse filter for white windows

Inverse filter for white windows

Chessbase (with a medium light popup)
Inverse filter for white windows

Thanks for weighing in TaoPhoenix. Unfortunately I love Chrome and I wouldn't want to switch to Firefox.


I got pretty close even on Chrome with the combination of tricks I was talking about, but Chrome just blinks a white page before it remembers it's supposed to be using a theme. The best case I found was a Chrome theme called Hackervision but there are glitch spots.


Ok, the registry key I posted was incorrect.  The correct key is
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors\Window

I changed it and logged off, then back on.  It didn't seem to have the desired effect in chromium though.  But notepad and EditPad Lite use it.  For what it's worth.  :)


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