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Inverse filter for white windows

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I love using my computer with a light-on-dark theme. This is much more pleasant to my eyes than the all-too-common dark-on-light theme found on most programs and websites.

However, some programs don't allow you to define a light-on-dark theme. My main culprit is Chrome, who, while it does allow you to define a dark theme and even make websites dark, does show an annoying white screen for ~5 seconds when a site is loaded, which really hurts my eyes.

I want a program that does the following thing: Whenever I'm using any program, I can invoke a keyboard shortcut to activate it. Then, it'll constantly sample the pixels in the window of the active program. If these pixles go over a certain threshold of average brightness, it puts an inverse filter between the program and the screen, so dark colors appear bright and bright colors appear dark.

When the program starts sending mostly dark pixels again, the filter is removed.

Is it possible to make such a program? The part I'm most worried about is the inverse filter, I don't know whether that's possible.


this would be a very hard thing to make work robustly.. my best advice is to avert your eyes while chrome loads, or get sunglasses :)  or maybe find an alternative browser?  or make a custom version of chrome :)

When I used Fractal Flames as wallpaper it made windows white backgrounds seem like glare.  I think you can change the default windows background color using this registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Colors\Window

set it to decimal RGB values separated by commas.  The default value should be

Unfortunately it doesn't change the Explorer window background color.  But I seem to remember using chromium at the time and it working with that.

A good idea to use ERUNT and/or make a restore point before changing the Registry though.

Hi MilesAhead,

That doesn't help me much... Chrome is my main target, and its white color comes not from any Windows setting but from its WebKit engine. (I tried hard to solve it from that angle, but failed.)

If you set chromium background color to something subdued, but have default white as the window background color in the registry, I believe you will get a bright flash of white before the chromium setting kicks in.  At least that's how I remember it.


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