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couple of one-click requests

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One of these I posted in detail over in Snacks so I wont cover it here other than to say it would be a simple mod made to the File>Send>"page by email" option in Internet Explorer.  If I could just figure out where the script for it is hidden so I cold create another that would say File>Save>" Page to Word.doc".   This would be an elegant solution to something I have been trying to find a way to do for some time.
The page by email option works but creates a lot of activity that saving a word doc would be faster and more useful.

This one is something that other programs do so it must not be that hard.  It involves using the Windows Hosts File as a Filter for Nagging Ads  and Malicious websites.  Powertools and Spybot do it within their programs and call it immunization.  It took me a while to get Notepad++ to default opening with Admin rights so the Hosts file could be edited and the results saved directly to the ETC folder.  Then creating a shortcut to the Hosts file on my Desktop that I could easily find it to edit.  Too many clicks.  :(

Anybody got an idea of how Spybot can tag on 50 entries and save it in a flash.  This prevents known Malware sites from accessing IE by Pointing them to  It was the constant Google ads I was after and it was only two lines.  If I could open a quick-access window with a text-editor feel that was correctly formatted to already have the localhost IP typed in and maybe 10 spaces then let me type in the site name to be blocked.  Clicking "enter" would take you to the next line to add site if needed and a save button would write the whole string to the end of your current hosts file and save it (which takes Admin rights) back where it belongs in the ETC folder.
As in:  ""

A utility like this would allow anyone to add them on the fly as needed.  Sounds like it would be a nifty tool. 
Better yet, take it one step further and make this a "browser Add-in with a Button on the bar.  Or on the desktop so it could work with any browser.  Click it to add the current site in the browser address bar to the Hosts lists correctly formatted to block it.

:)  Might as well wish for the Moon while wishing!

Having it's counterpart for the LMHosts file would be nice although I have only had one time when I ever needed to use it  Bu that One time was a Life Saver :).
Another nifty feature would be that some kind of Text File/Icon Notification be added to the desktop to let others know the HOSTS file was not "Normal".  :'(

I have run into situations where I spent a lot of time fighting what looked like a weird network problem only happen to think about looking there and find that someone had already pre-programed the Server IP to the old server and unless you just happen to think to look   It can be very frustrating.     Changing to a new network server with a new IP was almost impossible with that built-in reference still there.  Not sure where the best place would be to put it but any kind of notice that would be easy to see that said  "Hosts File has been Modified!" or some such would be nice.

There is 'Host Editor'. That piece of software should do most, if not all you want regarding the host file.

There's also HostsMan.

I've been using the MVPS hosts file for the last 3-4 years on my computer.  Plus my router also downloads, combines, and redirects to an internal pixelserver, hosts lists from:

* Hosts file project
* The Chameleon Project
* hpHosts ad/tracking/malicious servers - Disabled because it's quite large (6MB).
Size of the blocklist in the router is about 500kB.

Many thanks to you both!  I had not heard of the Hosts editor but it sounds like just the place to start.  Thanks Shades.
And Thanks to you as well Mr. 4WD.

I am trying to Dl your latest scripts right now but the net must be slow to Aussie-land.  I finally got one but the other is still fussing.

Back when I used to manage a local onsite mail server for the company I did have a toll very similar to what I am looking for.  It might have been Hosts editor.
Used  it to block whole sets of IP's back in the day before everybody emulates everybody now.  Can't block a country as easy as it used to be.  We get so much SPAM I wish I could get paid by the piece for every one I manage to block.  I'd be retired Like 4WD  :)
Is that a site or just need to hunt for it>?

I am trying to Dl your latest scripts right now but the net must be slow to Aussie-land.-questorfla (March 22, 2014, 06:02 PM)
--- End quote ---

Jacksonville, Florida, actually - Aussie-land is closer than you think ;)

I'll attach them to the other thread so that others can be experimented on ... errr ... with them.

See this post.

Just cleaning up my downloads for the last 4 years and found another hosts file editor: Host Mechanic


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