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IDEA: Symantec anti-virus auto-updater

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I use symantec antivirus corporate edition, and while it is (imho) a great anti-virus, its liveupdate definitions are only posted every few days. I do know that symantec posts daily updates (manually downloadable executables). What I would like is an app that will load

and scan for the executable link, download the file, run it, and delete the file, all automatically. Is this possible? Sounds like a perfect AHK script :) Perhaps even have an option to configure how often (since symantec posts multiple updates per day).

This can be very easy to do, but i need to know if the filenames don't change.
The one you want to download mantains the file name?

(This program can be constantly checking if the page has been updated, and only download when there's a new version of the program, because there's a "release date" there ;) )

The filename changed based on the date and the release number, an example filename is


Where the first portion is the release date, the second is the release number (18) and the third is the platform x86

Carol Haynes:
You could use Website-Watcher - there used to be a discount for memebers but I haven't checked to see if it is still valid.

It will tell you if the page is updated. It also has a scripting language built in that can run programs so should be able to detect the filename and execute it.

Useful app in its own right too ...

That would work, but I want this to occur transparently (or even shoot up a prompt when the file is downloaded, asking me if I wish to update it, but having an option to silently run the update).


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