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*NIX: Relatively Minimal Host OS for VirtualBox Use

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^Why not give Solaris a shot while you're at it. That way you can keep it all in the family! :P ;D

ewemoa: an ex-Sun OS 4.1.x user, I was never fond of Solaris...but may be things have changed ;)

^Nope! They really haven't.  ;D  Please don't take my previous 'suggestion' as anything but a joke. (Life's too short for things like Solaris. 8) )

The only thing I can think of that was worse was Novell's UnixWare. Talk about a study in aggravation...

Ah, how could I have missed the two emoticons!  Seven plus or minus two I guess :)

^Don't be too hard on yourself. In my case, it's been more like "two plus or minus one" lately.  ;)


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