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SQRL (Secure Quick Reliable Login)

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What about this?
I admit I am not very fond of Mr. Gibson (mainly due to the tecnobabble about Spinrite and the whole personal firewall thing), but this seems interesting.

Secure Quick Reliable Login
Proposing a comprehensive, easy-to-use, high security replacement for usernames,
passwords, reminders, one-time-code authenticators . . . and everything else.
--- End quote ---
Gibson Research Corporation - Secure Quick Reliable Login

Another information site about it:
SQRL - An Illustrated Guide

Thanks for posting this Mark0 -- I am just getting ready to write a new blog entry for my Mewlo web framework about website registrations+logins, and this is useful.

Just read through SQRL -- I like it.

Obligatory Wikipedia page.

A article too.

A brief video that show it in action:


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