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K-Meleon anyone?

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A new update for the latest beta was made available today. You can get it at

did K-Meleon undergo any radical version number changes like Mozilla? because the last version i have is named as thus, K-Meleon1.5.4en-US.exe.

I think the high version number is temporary.

A new version (75 Beta 1) has been made available for downloading since yesterday. You can find more info about it and the link to download it by going to,131009.

Altho I haven't tried K-Meleon I looked at the screen shots and prefer to stick with SeaMonkey Portable.
I would like to speak up for SeaMonkey Portable--
-you can easily move or copy the entire folder anywhere; another drive, OS, or wherever,
-you can make 1 or 2 backup copies in case the main copy gets goofed,
-it gives you a built-in Desktop email server,
-as of this post it is actively supported by its creators,
-unlike Chrome, I can easily change background color to off-white and save my eyes from e-'snow blindness', or switch to white when the website requires it.


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