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create a new entry in the main contextual menu : a new txt file

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I am using windows explorer tomos. I am very used to addons collected along the years and adapted when change system.

At the present moment i prefer to try with a explorer related tool.

continue trying with lopesoft.

Do you know if exist a forum of this tool ?

Best Regards

It must be easy. Some day i will get.
I note down this post to not forget.

have you tried running this command via a batch file? fsutil file [createnew]


Ok.  I already had Text File in New menu.  Here's what I did to get a template file.

This key

I added a new string named FileName and for value Template.txt

In the folder C:\Windows\ShellNew I made a file named Template.txt.  The contents is:
This is a text file template.

Now if I right click the desktop or in a folder, select New text document, name it, then double click, it has the text from the template.

One thing I notice I can't do it directly under C:\

It has to be in a folder.  The permissions situation with W8 seems even worse than W7 now.  Every move is hamstrung. I can't even save a file from Editpad directly into C:\Windows\ShellNew.  I have to save it somewhere else, then drag it.  Really asinine.

Anyway, I hope the template text default was what you were interested in.  If not then, Never Mind.  :)

have you tried running this command via a batch file? fsutil file [createnew]

-lanux128 (February 22, 2014, 08:28 PM)
--- End quote ---
Running to try inmediately.
Best Regards


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