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create a new entry in the main contextual menu : a new txt file

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Probably is a question of arguments in the corrresponding line, but how can i do that.
It's like propose a command from the command line i think
Best Regards

Is the main menu also a folder ?
likes the sendto folder ? C:\Users\JOSE\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo
Can i do something ?

I forgot the question.


At least in AutoIt and AHK they use the name Template.au3 or .ahk.  I think you can do the same with a text file.  Have it start with some default text.  But I think you have to put the name of the template file in the reg key.  For example C:\Windows\ShellNew\Template.txt

I tried just creating that file with some text in it.  Didn't work.  So it must need the registry key.

Did you get Dopus that time Contro (I know you gave it a trial), or are you using Windows Explorer?
(I ask cause, AFAIK, it's easy to add to Dopus context menu)


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