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IDEA: Simple Application to set all tray icons to always hide

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Super User:
Please make a Simple Application to easily set all tray icons to always hide in xp.

I think I can help, but after I set it to hide the icons (or show) you either need to log off, restart, or I can force kill explorer and restart it.

Super User:
Thank you for replying. I think either there should be only log off or a optional drop down menu log off/restart/force kill explorer after applying.

Please give this a try. I tested it on my XP box and it worked great. It seems to work on Win 8.1 also. ALL try icons will be hidden, run again to restore.

Super User:
Thank you for the tool. But i was not trying to totally remove the icons from tray. I am trying to set all tray icons to always hide option so that i can use them when needed and otherwise they will be hidden.


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