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How do I know what IFilters I have?


How can I find what IFilters [url][/url]w are already installed, please?

you can use this app by Nirsoft: SearchFilterView.

When you search the content of files with Windows search, it uses the right search IFilter plugin according to the file extension. This utility allows you to easily view the search filters installed on your system and the file extensions that are associated with them, as well as it allows you to easily add or remove file extensions for these filters.
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Just the job!  Thanks, lanux128 :Thmbsup:

@lanux128:    :Thmbsup:  Thanks for that useful NirSoft link. I had not come across that before.

By the way, just for info. and in case you didn't already know it, the TIFF filter is a really useful item to have, as it enables Windows Search/Index to OCR scan and pick up any text in TIFF image files.
Not sure why, but this doesn't seem to be an automatically-included part of the system/MDI (Microsoft Document Imaging).
Refer: Windows TIFF IFilter Installation and Operations Guide

So weird that the TIFF IFilter is not enabled by default...or even that it's a setting one can toggle at all. Seems it'd be something rolled into the Windows Search/Index as an always-on feature.

One more thing I need to remember to do when doing a fresh install.


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