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How to repair zip files?

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Anybody can help me to repair corrupt zip files and remove error message “the compressed (zip) folder is invalid and corrupted"? I have made an effort many times to fix corrupt zip file but always show this error message.

I've never used it but have read a good review - Diskinternals (free)

That good review was here:
-- doesnt seem to mention which version of windows they used it on.

Always use the latest version of your favorite zip/unzip software. It might be that the person creating the archive has used an option not yet available in the version you have running and you will get this type of error message.

One can also try to use a different piece of software to extract the archive. In my experience the latest (portable) version of 7-zip ( is quite able in getting archives extracted. Another tool would be Universal Extractor. These are free to use, but will gladly accept your donation(s).

Too bad you missed out on deals on the BitsDuJour website. Not that long ago they offered a free version of DataNumen Zip repair. That might be an option for you as well. However, I don't know how good that software is at what it does as I usually re-download he zip file again if these kind of messages pop up in my portable versions of 7-zip and Universal Extractor.

... remove error message “the compressed (zip) folder is invalid and corrupted"? ...
-marrysimon (January 15, 2014, 04:37 AM)
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Never, ever, use Windows Explorer to unpack zip-files (the Compressed Folders feature of Windows Explorer). That [email protected] is unable to pack or unpack a zip-file correctly.
Always use any of the (free) archive tools designed for that purpose.

I'm personally a fan of 7-zip, and (have used and) know that peazip is working just as well, but any other compression tool should do fine.

This zip format does not contain any recovery data I am afraid. The best you can hope for, is being able to decompress files skipping the parts that are corrupted.

If the data record that lists the files is intact, you can try 7-Zip or Info-ZIP UnZip, which both do not mind continuing after a corrupt file.

If not, you will probably need some tool to repair it. WinRAR has some support for reconstructing, and searching for 'zip repair' gives some hits that might work as well (Zip Repair as mentioned by tomos might be worth a shot).


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