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Transfer data from Win7 to a new installation?



is there any recommendable software around that scans a computer for any kind of media = image | music | documents (.ppt, doc(x), etc.) | anything else that counts as some kind of user documents and transfer all this data (retaining the old folder structures) to a user selectable destination point (a local folder on a partition would be enough)?

Source systems are: Windows 7 Professional, x86 / x64 | german / english
Destination (always): Windows 7 Professional, x86 german

I have to transfer the data for 10 Notebooks so I don't want to go through all folders manually.

Sure, everyone would say: Use Windows-Easy-Transfer...
Apart from the fact that it doesn't restore from x64 to x86 directly (which ofc I could circumvent) it failed miserably when I tested it...
628 MB of data (only for one user account), transferred the destination file to a virtual machine and after running through the wizard
it tells me the easytransfer-file is empty... lol, it isn't...

So I'm looking for an alternative...

One thing that is a must have: After scanning a PC it must be possible to go over the selected directories / files to make manual
corrections (e.g.: check / uncheck a folder that I don't want to be transferred).

Any recommendations (please, only stuff that you tried yourself and that works as advertized)?

Hm, sounds somewhat dodgy that you're converting to x86 systems, as x64 is quite the standard nowadays. And if you're converting to systems that don't support x64, then you must be having a whole different story there :'(

Source systems are either x86 / x64. About 7 to 3. Modified the original posting. The 10 replacement systems have 7 Pro x86 installed and because they only have 3GB Ram each there is absolutely no reason to change that.

Carol Haynes:
How about just copying the whole user folder to the new system (don't include the NTDATA and NTUSER files but everything else should transfer fine).

If you are using things like email software it may be worth backing up data manually before the transfer.

Syncback Free will let you choose source, dest, replicate paths and allow you to select what you want to copy from the list at the end but it won't go searching for media files for you - you'd have to specify a filter set, (eg. *.avi, *.mkv etc).  Once that was done, you'd only need to change the source/dest for each following machine.


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