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NANY 2014 Release: Process Piglet

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Mentioned on rgdot :)

v1.01.14 - Jan 14, 2014

* [Feature] You can now toggle alerts on or off (from options or quickly from system tray menu), to reduce annoyances. When alerts are off, events are still logged in Operations Log (in Options) for troubleshooting after problems.
* [Change] Reduced occurrence of repeated alerts as memory use quickly goes down or up.

Great little utility. Opera v11.64 is using 623 MB, but I've got about 40 tabs open.

Interestingly, CrashPlan is using only 241 MB on my machine. I wonder how much this varies by machine or OS. I had horrible CPU usage problems with CP on my XP machine; they've completely disappeared on my Windows 7 notebook.

Can someone explain how Firefox, which has millions of users and dozens or hundreds of contributors, fails to correct this basic flaw?

In March 2005 I joined DC after downloading mouser's Process Tamer, which I still use occasionally. Nine years later here's Process Piglet.

Thanks for the mention mouser :)

don't be so shy about posting on dc when you write something on your blog!  when you write something about software (dc or otherwise), make a post about it.  the least we can do here is be a place we can talk about our writings and projects.


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