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Carol Haynes:
That's why I thought SPOILER could do the work now ...

An new blog post woul look like this:

This is my introduction to my blog post

Read more ...This is the rest of my blog post

--- End quote ---
Perhaps the BLOG tag could use the existing spoiler code to do this but modified so that:

1) When you hit button the button is removed or changed to "Hide again ..."
2) The text is expanded within the thread as for spoiler but not in its own box just as part of the whole message

You could always have a set of BLOG tags so that you can set up standard formatting ...


[BLOGINTRO]This is my introduction to my blog post[/BLOGINTRO]
[BLOG]This is the full text of section 1 of my blog[/BLOG]
[BLOG]This is the full text of section 2 of my blog[/BLOG]

Each BLOG /BLOG pair wouldbe displayed as a "Read more ..." as above in the Spoiler example button but Titles, intros and section headings would be displayed.

Each of these tags would have a font style, colour etc. associated with it as the default (obviously they could be overridden easily within the text body in the usual way).

eheh... As always, i missunderstood stuff.
I thought you had mentioned that the forum would make a blog entry from a post. I mean, every post that had the [blog] tag would be copied to the blog. ;)
I mean, each blog entry would also be a post on the forum.
I completelly misunderstood the idea :S

I also like the idea carol presented in her last post, having the (read more) button that would disappear and show the whole post (on the blog)

i think a spoiler like button that says read more instantly makes a lot of sense.

each blog entry WILL be a post on the forum,
but users wont just be able to put a [blog] tag in their post to make that happen.
only a moderator will be able to be able to promote a post to a blog/frontpage entry.
and only a moderator will have final say about what introductory text from the post should go on the blog page.

Carol Haynes:
I can't see a problem with letting people use the blog tags in their own posts, or edit them accordingly at the request of a mod.

Once a post is considered suitable and edited into a consistent format it could be promoted to full blog status and would have an intro on the blogg main page.

If someone wants to write a significant piece outside the normal forum it could submitted in a separate forum section.

A simple way to acheive the blog main page would be to use something like eg. WordPress (or similar Blog) to act as a dumb frontend for the blog posts. It would then only need moderators (or whoever else you want to invlove) to have access to the frontend to copy summaried to Wordpress and add a link to the main SMF forum post where the blog is stored. That way it wouldn't require any sort of integration of Wordpress with SMF, just use WordPress as a quick way to get a frontpage up that is easy to use.

You could of course use any Blog type setup to acheive this, WordPress is just an example and maybe an overkill.

You could even use the "Blogger" website and have an extra point of entry into and then there would be no setting up work to do!

That means that a user would put the [blog] tag on his post, but it might not get blogged?
I think i still don't get the idea...
Ok, this was non-sense, i misread it all. I think now i understand the idea, please proceed with the brain-storming ;)


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