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Ok, now i can comment on the images: THOSE LOOK GOOD!
EhEh... Very nice, i like the idea! I already tried finding something similar, because it's hard to make good looking posts only with bbcode. As for images, why not mantaining the system we have right now? The [ Invalid Attachment ] is easy to use, and allows for (almost) exact placement of images.

Ok, i was thinking... If we pick a post from the forum, and blog it, wouldn't it appear out of context? How could this be solved?
I think that when something was blogged, that something should have an additional comment from the blogger. Or is there a better solution? (or am i missing the point, here? ;) )

I think that when something was blogged, that something should have an additional comment from the blogger
--- End quote ---

this is an interesting point -
if you are always embeddeding/extracted (blogged) the first post of a thread then i don't think it will be a problem.. but if you were grabbing posts from the middle of a thread it might require something else..

but there are other issues like a long post should only display an intro text and say "click for more" maybe..

Carol Haynes:
How about including blog tags in the forum? Something like:

--- ---[BLOG]
Blog text


Which when display shows the first 5 lines with a Read more button?

This could probably be easily acheived by modifying the SPOILER code or to be honest there is nothing to stop using SPOILER anyway.

--- ---Intro Para

[SPOILER=Read More ...]
Rest of text

i was thinking something similar actually..
the only thing we have to figure out is.. often the person posting wont be the person adding the entry to the blog page.

so a moderator or admin might "promot" a post to the blog view, not the original author.

so in this case there are 2 choices:
1) have admin edit the post to add special intro tags (downside = admin has to edit post and it shows up as edited by ..)
2) when admin says to blog a post, simply COPY the post rather than linking to it, then admin can choose what text to leave out.  advantage is it lets admin cutomize the blog posts a bit if it needs to be (edit title, text, pic).  i think this might be the way to go.


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