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NANY 2014 Release - epCheck

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v1.1.3 build 65 has some Profiles-related fixes.

Thanks to everybody that dared use the betas and provided feedback.  I've decided to go ahead and release my internal build 73 as a full release.  As before, do yourself a favour and make a backup of your epCheck folder.


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v1.1.4 - 2014-09-14
    + Added a "Profiles" option that allows you to create multiple lists of
      series.  For example, you could create a Watched list, a Cancelled
      list, an Ended list, etc.  Check out the Options tab to create new
      profiles.  The profiles feature is currently a BETA feature and needs
      some testing.  As such, there is a good possibility that it might not
      work as designed and your epCheck data might be lost or otherwise
      munged.  Make backups.
    + Added an "<All Profiles>" entry to the Profiles dropdown to easily
      view all series from all profiles.
    + Currently selected profile is shown in the statusbar.
    + Added "Move to" and "Copy to" profile options when right-clicking a
    + Added the series air time (EST) and network to the both the series
      and weekly listviews.  (Thanks, Daniel P.)
    + Added status column to listviews.
    + Added icons to tab labels.
    + Added right-click search menu to the Search tab so you can now more
      easily find web information on the search results.  (Thanks,
    + Option to allow ESC key to close epCheck.
    + Added Profile column to the Series list.
    * Changed "Load weekly view on startup" option to "Load weekly data on
      startup" to avoid confusion with the startup tab option.
      (Thanks, hamradio)
    * Moved the "Show special episodes" option from the Options tab to a
      toolbar button.
    ! Fixed some issues with the right-click web search menu.
    ! Episode display format was not saved and applied properly.  (Thanks,
    ! Removing a profile wouldn't properly remove data folders for series
      that didn't exist on remaining profiles.  (Thanks, vamiz)
    ! Fixed a nasty HTML encode/decode issue that could result in epCheck
      getting stuck in a race condition.  (Thanks, S. Mainey)

Wow, big update. :up:

Downloaded, installed, and looking good so far!



Cool!  Thanks.


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