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XYplorer offers 50% competitive discount for Directory Opus users

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I agree it's nasty. And it's certainly not my style. It's the first time I did this in 16 years. But, what you probably don't know, this little campaign is running at least since September 2013:

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Tit for tat, as they say. ;)
-DonL (December 23, 2013, 02:13 AM)
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That explains a lot.

You have a great file manager. In ways I prefer it to Dopus -- I prefer Dopus in other ways. I use both. I'm not forced to choose, but I do always think twice about upgrading Dopus due to the upgrade pricing. I think it's fair enough to offer a whatchamacallit 'cross-over upgrade' from Dopus to XY.
But abusing it publicly is just bad publicity for you (unless you believe that any publicity is good publicity).

Setting aside political and style complaints....

I used DOpus for about a year, maybe 5-6 years ago. I found it a robust and full-featured product -- up until the time I got socked with a high-priced upgrade notice.

After a bit of searching, I found XYplorer. The price is far more reasonable (especially the lifetime license, if it's still offered), and the functionality is top-notch. I've said before that I think the DO design is more elegant, but that and a buck still just gets you a cup of coffee.

Initially there were a few features I missed (like real breadcrumbs), but there is constant improvement (really fast over the past few months), so there's no deficiency that I see in XYplorer.

Bottom line: I recommend it.

That does explain a lot.  However, sometimes it's better to take the high road.  And the members here definitely appreciate when a developer does in the face of aggression towards them.  We've been in the middle of some pretty nasty developer slap-fights, so that's the reason for the response.  Just as I was advising the members here that responses make a difference in the paths of communication both now and in the future, I'd caution you with the same words, for many didn't know about it (myself included) and many did take exception.

Food for thought.

I don't find anything wrong with either campaign myself. Presumably both these programs are operated as a business, and businesses targeting the clients of their competitors is certainly nothing new at all. I don't know why anyone is surprised or expects some sort of moral high ground from DonL (or the other side for that matter). It's like saying Pepsi shouldn't be targeting Coke drinkers, they should rise above it all. They're in competition people!

Having said that, the linked-to Opus campaign at least does provide some technical reasons why someone might want to switch. And it's not just targeting XYPlorer, Powerdesk is also targeted. Their campaign has a clear focus and while it's written as tongue-in-cheek it does actually provide some evidence for its claims.

By comparison the XYPlorer campaign feels like an angry child stamping its foot. No technical reasons are given for why you might want to switch beyond some unspecified phenomenon called "bloat". There's no evidence provided for any of the claims it makes. And reading the ad-hominem and borderline racist comments in this thread on the XYPlorer forum makes me think they actually have no technical arguments to make to counter the claims that Opus makes.

Just some food for thought!

^you start very diplomatically (good disguise) but that is a very dubious first post :down:

Oh yeah - just btw - I didnt see anyone objecting to the idea of offering an 'upgrade' to a competitor's product.


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