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XYplorer offers 50% competitive discount for Directory Opus users

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Please note that this was not an attack on the product, merely the way it is advertised. If I see an ad, I want to know what the product can do. If you are trying to get me to invest extra money, when I have a solution already in place that works, you have to tell me WHY and not light me up with marketing propaganda. I want to know what this product excels at, per the author's view, that DOpus lacks. I only see an attack on "bloat" which I personally do not experience with DOpus.

Price is really the only negative for me with regards to DOpus. I am looking to see how much I will have to pay to upgrade when it comes time for DOpus 11, having just purchased v10 in April of this year, which was a very significant purchase. So yes, I want to see feature comparisons and not statements which basically associate myself as not being a "professional user" simply because I do not use XYplorer. That statement, in and of itself, is actually kind of insulting.

That's pretty standard marketing speak.  That said, that's my opinion, and you have yours.  The ability to let the developer know about these things is one of the cool things with interacting with them.  But the method of interaction and the tone of it will have further implications- positive and negative, so lets keep that in mind is my request.

Fully concur. If I come across as attacking, it is not my intent, merely my personal take on the ad. I would like to see that page changed to include the comparison I mention above.

I do think we should strongly discourage developers from making negative statements about competing products. It's just not not our style here.

You are a frustrated Directory Opus user who has been fed too much bloat for too much money for too many years?-DonL (December 22, 2013, 11:12 AM)
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I find the quoted advertisement to be both rude and accurate. Just one reason why I don't use Directory Opus instead of Explorer is because, DOpus doesn't offer any feature that I would need, that my amplified Explorer doesn't. I have a lifetime key for XYplorer, and a key for DOpus version 10, (I don't have any the two programs installed), and now you tell me that my expensive DOpus already is about to be obsolete?! I am not a professional, and have not yet figured out how to use the DOpus that I have, so I will not be upgrading.

Just like "you" I will like to see DonL visiting our forum some more, but at least he is active, and normally he is not this rude. I don't remember anyone from gpsoft ever visiting us. Do you?


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