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Ad Muncher End of 2013 sale

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I've more than gotten my money's worth out of Ad Muncher, but I was one of the lucky bastages who bought it when $25 got you a lifetime license. If I were looking to purchase today with today's pricing structure and blatant lack of updates from the author, I doubt I'd be quick to pull the trigger on the purchase.

Midnight Rambler:
Adfender is a freeware alternative to both Ad Muncher and Ad Block (Plus).  It's reviewed here.  Both of the latter work for me but what's especially nice about Ad Muncher is that it's global and tech support questions were usually answered promptly. 

Thanks for mentioning AdFender. I hadn't heard of it before.  I'm a lifetime AdMuncher license owner, but what with its program author (Murray) missing in action for over a year and no new version of the program for a year and a half I'm a little afraid for its future even if the signature author (Jeff) keeps saying the contrary.

AdFender doesn't seem to be as global as AdMuncher, but it seems to be moving in that direction what with IM and P2P programs being supported and since AdFender graciously tells you what port it is using, I'm sure you could slam into any program that provides a way to configure its proxy to reap ad-free benefits.

I've decided to disable AdMuncher for a while and give AdFender a go...time will tell how well that goes. Looks like it uses the same lists/signatures that AdBlock and its derivatives use, for better or worse.


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