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TaskPilot for task management?

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I've been using TaskPilot for 30 days now, and hence it has just expired. I like the software, but before I shell out the 30 bucks for a license, I wanted to get some second opinions.

I don't really like PIMs, because they always screw up something that requires a compromise, so I'm interested in a dedicated task managent app. Here are my thoughts on TaskPilot:

PROS: Tons and tons of features, almost all of which are available via button, menu, or context menu. It even allows you to edit any of the viewable columns in the task display list, so if you edit a lot of tasks you can just stay on one window. I like all the views available (due this week, due today, overdue, etc.), and I like the fact that you can enter as much or as little information as you want about each task. It uses filters to display tasks, so you're not confined to always working within a particular folder. Skins! The list could go on...

CONS: Slow, somewhat clunky interface. It can be customized, and the skins and color options are a nice feature, but I often find myself watching as parts of the interface load one by one. And that's after the lengthy pause at the splash screen while it loads. Also, in order to display all of the relevant information about tasks, I find that the only practical window size is maximized. Otherwise you either see too few tasks (due to all the toolbars above and the editor below) or columns that are too skinny (since there are side panels that load on both sides). Luckily you can unpin the sidebars so they only slide out when you need them.

TaskPilot Pro has about twice the features as most of the other task management apps I've tried, so I am ready to accept its shortcomings unless there are better solutions anyone has found. Most decent task management programs always seem to be incorporated in a PIM, and there is always something I don't like about basically every PIM.

Other solutions I've tried and my comments:

* Outlook (I don't like the email client very much, and that's not a compromise I'm willing to make in a piece of software based on email)
* Barca (I really like Barca, but I already use PocoMail and like it without all the bulk of PIM features)
* EssentialPIM Free/Pro (nice software, decent ui, though a bit too 'static' for my tastes. i prefer other calendar software)
* Time & Chaos (This is also nice software, it's sort of an all-at-once view which seems decent, but I just couldn't get used to it)
There are others, but I cannot think of them off-hand. I'd appreciate hearing anyone elses experiences or preferences for task management. Thanks!

As an addition, TaskPilot seems to use a "working" version of the database while it is open, so if it crashes before it can compact the database, you have to manually restore the temporary file or else you lose your changes.

There is an auto-backup feature which I found after my first crash (where I subsequently cleared my temp directory before realizing it). It's relatively safe set to something like 5 minutes. I don't know what else they could have done, but the thought of losing data due to clearing my temp directory is a little scary when I'm sometimes entering and changing several tasks per minute.

After reading my notes above I realized that I didn't add that information to the cons section, so just incase anybody's looking for details I thought I'd mention it.



i am really looking forward to reading replies to this - let's get a nice task management thread going here, i could use some help deciding on this as well  :up:

Zaine Ridling's review of ITSD Organizer may be relevant?

Yes, quite relevant. I've seen ITSD a few places online, but haven't paid it much attention. I'm going to give it a try and see what it can do. Thanks for the link!



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