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NANY - Image Capture and Upload Program

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Ah. I think that is because the sticky is set ontop. For some reason it has a problem with windows that are set to ontop. I'm looking into it, thanks!

I updated the screen selection code and it should now allow you to capture ontop windows properly. It also now allows you to just copy the capture to the clipboard. You can move the selection window around and reselect if needed. Once you have selected your area you can press enter to capture and upload or right click on the selected area for more options.

Another version: I added a button that creates a thumbnail page of all images in the history for easier viewing. They can be clicked on to view the full image.

Gave this a test and I like the very well-designed interface and history functionality.  However, I cannot make successive captures work.  I'm doing the following:

* Start the app.  Icon in tray.  Good.
* Press F9.  Cursor changes to crosshair.
* Select a region.  Cursor changes again.  Right-click and choose Upload.
* Image is uploaded, url copied to clipboard, and all is well to this point.
* Press F9 again.  Cursor changes to crosshair as before.
* Selecting a region does not work now.  That is, I don't see the translucent window.
* The only way out is to press Escape or kill the process.
Tested on two W7/64 systems with the same results.

Ok. I'll take a look at it tomorrow. Thanks!


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