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Special Security Software Just for Women?

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Is special anti-malware software just for women, actually necessary? Do they get some sort of special pink malware decorated in lace, that I am unaware of, that normal anti-malware software can't handle? What happens if you install it on a man's PC?

Their main product looks a whole lot like Malwarebytes to me, so it begs the question, why not just use the tried & true Malwarebytes, instead?

And it's made by women just for women? They should be ashamed of themselves! We are not talking about a product like maxi pads or tampons here, which would be something only women would use, where that might make some sort of sense. We are talking about security software, which shouldn't be gender based.

The Neat Net Tricks software review panel looked at Chica-PC in 2012.  Two of the four reviewers were quite negative, including one who summed up by saying "I am not sure whether, in 2012, women have different tech security needs than men. I agree that there are people--both women and men--who feel uneasy with technology and would like a company that responds quickly when they have problems and does not offer technospeak, but in my experience ChicaLogic is not that company."

Late last year, Panda Security released a Social Media Risk Index that shows Facebook was the leader in malware threats at 71.6 percent, YouTube came in at 41.2 percent and Twitter recorded a 51 percent risk for privacy violations.   And 33 percent of SMBs who typically have security technology in place for their users report financial losses to their business as a result of social media-based malware infection.   According to a new study from comScore, more women use social networking sites and spend more time on these sites than men do.  The study concluded that 76 percent of women spent time on social media sites compared with 70 percent of men, and women spent 5.5 hours a month on these sites compared to only 4 hours a month for men.
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Found on Chicalogic press release

I can see their logic from a business aspect to use the same appeal for woman products with security software to try and get more users to actually use some protection.

I heard it was Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman. If you run that av it's no sweat from then on.  :)  But how it works is a secret.  ;)

I heard it was Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman. If you run that av it's no sweat from then on.  :)  But how it works is a secret.  ;)
-MilesAhead (December 10, 2013, 09:50 AM)
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