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Newsletter for Dec 10, 2013 - Codename: Lucky Fourteen

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Super-sized Newsletter for Dec 10, 2013"Codename: Lucky Fourteen"

1. Newsletter Editorial

Greetings and welcome to a super-sized edition of the newsletter, featuring some of the most interesting posts on the forum in the last three months, divided into fourteen bite-sized sections.

I do have a handful of topics I want to touch on briefly in this newsletter editorial.

Firstly, and most importantly, I want to encourage you to get involved in our NANY (New Apps for the New Year) 2014 event, where we encourage coders who are friends of the site to try to code and release something new.  The deadline to submit something is January 1st, and the event is open to the public, young and old, amateur or pro.  There are no winners or losers and everyone who participates gets a free coffee mug commemorating the event.  Even if you're not a coder, stop by and cheer on the participants -- many of whom are first-time coders.

Secondly, we've finally gotten around to updating our new list of our favorite websites (see section 8 below).  Hopefully you'll discover something new there and share with us your opinion about sites we should add to the list.

Thirdly, you'll see in sections 3 & 4 below that DC member Skwire and I have been in an unspoken competition to update our software applications -- resulting in a ton of updates in the last few months.  So, if you're a user of one of our applications there's a good chance it's been updated recently.

And lastly, please consider making a small donation to help with the extra costs we incur at the end of each year in sending out our NANY event mugs.

And now on to the newsletter!
-jesse (mouser)

2. NANY 2014: New Apps for the New Year

With only 3 weeks left before the deadline for our NANY 2014 event, the progress report posts are starting to pile up in the NANY section.  Here's just a small collection of them:

* The NANY 2014 Forum Area
* NANY 2014 - New Apps for the New Year - Welcome Thread
* We've got roughly six weeks left, folks!
* The NANY Retrospective Thread
* NANY 2014 Idea Thread - Post Your Program Ideas Here
* NANY 2014 Submission: clipboard monitor "rpclip"
* NANY 2014 Pledge + Alpha: Weather Station Warlock
* NANY 2014 Pledge and Early Alpha: Reference Overlay Tool
* NANY 2014 Pledge and Alpha: ImgFloat (a tool for Screenshot Captor)
* NANY 2014 Pledge: Text Inspection & Manipulation Utility

3. Mouser's Software Updates

I've uploaded some updates to many of my large applications since the last newsletter.  As always, you can find the list of what's new both in the online help pages (linked from each program homepage) or in the forum thread about the application (also linked from each program homepage).

* Find and Run Robot 2.213.01
* Screenshot Captor v4.8
* URL Snooper v2.33.01
* Form Letter Machine v1.13.01
* LaunchBar Commander v1.139
* MiniCap v1.28
* Clipboard Help+Spell v2.23
* Progress Bars of Life v1.09
* Point Motivator v1.09
* PopUp Wisdom v1.08
* FARR V3 Discussion

4. Skwire Empire Software Updates

DC member skwire is one of the more prolific coders of utilities on our site -- he roams the coding snack request section and pounces like a jaguar when he finds something that catches his eye.  He's released a ton of updates to his software since the last newsletter, including some updates to his most popular tools:

* File Punter v1.0.7
* Frameless v1.1.0
* MPH v1.0.7
* Trout v1.0.6 build 71
* PDFInfoGUI v1.0.9
* PlayTime v1.3.9
* RecursiView v1.0.3
* Snap DB v1.4.5
* sStockQuote v1.0.4
* sWeather v1.4.9
* Tags 2 Folders v1.1.1
* tiffInfoGUI v1.0.9
* Waste Not v1.0.6

5. User-to-User: Your Input Requested

We love nothing more than having interesting discussions on our forum -- and we love when new people participate in the discussions.  In each newsletter we try to highlight a few topics that we think might interest casual readers and that are good candidates for making your first post.

* What do non-programmers need to automate?
* Jazz recommendations?
* Great sites for guitar learning?
* Software recommendations - photo/graphics editors
* Best Desktop Calendar
* How can I find out what is restarting my PC automatically?
* A Proposal for Improving Quality of News-Related Threads
* How do you delete accounts you did not sign up for?

6. Coding Snacks, and other Member Projects

We love to keep up with projects that our members are working on, and hearing what our forum members think of software they use.  If you're working on something interesting -- let us know!

* Dina Font version 2.93
* New Site for Miles Ahead Software
* Winboard 4.5 Accessible Chess for the Blind and Quadriplegic
* Bvckup 2 is in open beta !
* New program: FileSearchy Beta - Quick file search utility (freeware)
* Again - Small Android Utility to Resume / Launch the "Last" Activity
* WebCam Detector
* Powershell script to update DNS for your chosen network adapter
* IDEA: Delete all files except two particular ones
* Idea: Always Visible Sidebar Notes
* Idea: Persistence of vision screen saver
* Idea: Arma Million Mile Walk Abation and Strain Prevention Software (AMMWASPS)

7. Mini-reviews, Discounts, and Found Deals

Members share their reviews of software with one another on the forum.

* MS Office 2013 US$9.95 Corporate/Enterprise Home Use Program - Mini-Review
* Review of Zeus Edit
* Mini-Review of GNU Emacs
* Interfaith Explorer (FREE) - Mini-Review
* Everdesk (Google Edition) - Mini-Review (in progress)
* AOMEI Backupper FREE + AOMEI Partition Assistant FREE - Mini-Review
* ZeusEdit 49% off
* Sitepoint Christmas Freebie Bundle
* GameMaker Studio Standard Free Upgrade

8. Website Discoveries, Debates, Essays, Discussions

What's new in cyberspace? What exciting new sites have been discovered by forum members?  What's the current hot topic and debate? Read on to find out...  And be sure to check out our new list of our "Favorite" websites.

* - A Collection of our Favorite Websites
* Making a new page of "DonationCoder's Favorite Web Sites" - suggestions?
* YouTube finally forces creation of google+ A/C to comment
* Google to Sell User Profiles, Photos in Ads
* myWOT (Web of Trust) Browser Addon Uninstall Controversy
* Going cold turkey on the unholy trinity
* Switching to StartPage from DuckDuckGo

9. Software Discussions

Some noteworthy software discussion on the forum since the last newsletter.

* Showing CPU core temperature(s) in system tray
* Am I the only person bothered by the differences in Free?
* Discussion about special ways to protect a PDF
* PageKite
* Software magnifiers
* PDF Combiner, PDF Binder
* Extract lines containing
* Software for recording audio continuously
* Let's get Chocolatey!
* Software to edit pdfs
* Winamp to shut down December 20, 2013. Get the latest version if you want it.

10. Entertainment and Humour

Here's a collection of some diversionary web browsing links posted on the forum recently.

* The Amazing Video for Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"
* Flash Game of the Week: Kingdom Rush Frontiers
* Designers discuss the new Yahoo Logo: "Logo, Bullshit and Co., Inc."
* ArsTechnica - One Week Eating Nothing But Soylent
* Animated Map of Girl's Names Throughout the Years
* Tracking ships and aircraft - something interesting
* Was the iOS 7 "look" created using Microsoft Word?
* Do you like short films? Of course you do!
* Musician Lou Reed has died
* Security Questions (humor)
* Learn Modern Physics from Leonard Susskind?

11. Developer's Corner

This section highlights some discussions that might be relevant for not just coders and developers, but also people interested in entrepreneurial issues.

* SideProjectors: Don't let your side projects be abandoned
* Book: Masterminds of Programming
* A Field Guide to Procrastinators (humour)
* Odd/Fun Ways You've Learned Programming
* Free SDK for developing native crossplatform mobile apps with C/C++a.HTML/CSS/JS
* Article: OAuth 2.0 and the Road to Hell
* Talk With the Experts
* Contest: DARPA offers $2 million for security software to be written
* Heeee's Baaaaack!!! Stephen Wolfram is going to revolutionize everything again.
* Tech Startup Bootcamp
* What to do if threatened by a defamation suit
* Zuckerberg and Gates contribute to coding tutorials initiative
* Self-hosted, high quality video podcast. How?

12. Encryption and Security News

There were so many encryption and security-related posts on the forum in the last month that we have a section of the newsletter devoted to the issue.

* LG SmartTV monitors your every move - including files on attached USB drives
* NSA Monitoring MMO Games: When did the world of the NSA and technology get so surreal?
* Kiss Encryption Goodbye...
* NSA surveillance: A guide to staying secure (by Bruce Schneier)
* Silk Road Seized - Dread Pirate Roberts Arrested
* Am I the only person that has a real big problem with Child Monitoring Software?
* The feds pay for 60 percent of Tor's development. Can users trust it?
* TrueCrypt Audit
* Ladar Levison of LAVABIT Talks to Luke Rudowski
* Lavabit and Silent Circle Bring You: Darkmail
* Lavabit's court documents unsealed; what THEY wanted, and Lavabit's appeal...
* Adobe admits 2.9 million customer accounts compromised

13. Hardware Hangout

We've started to see more hardware discussions on the forum in the last year or two.  Hopefully the trend will continue -- we'd love to hear about more DIY projects from readers.

* The Best CPU Coolers: 10-Way Roundup
* How long do hard drives actually live for?
* Printer: To repair or not repair
* Expanding WiFi coverage in difficult buildings
* Arduino Leonardo Touchboard

14. Linux and Non-Windows Stuff

We've got a new section in this newsletter -- to match a brand new section of our forum devoted to linux and other non-windows platforms.

* A new section for Linux, cross-platform code, embedded, mac, android, ios, etc.
* ANDROID: Looking for android budget app
* LINUX: Remmina - superb remote access client
* Quick Ways to Start Programs in X11 Environments
* ANDROID: What's a good recipe viewing app?
* *NIX: Readers for epub
* A real debate over Mir? This is gonna be good if it ever happens!
* New Linux magazine startup campaign on Indiegogo
* Wolfram's Mathematica ported to Raspberry Pi - free to install and use
* LINUX: Linux Mint 16 "Petra" just released
* *NIX; tesseract OCR experiences
* LINUX: Watch Netflix with Linux (for beginners)
* ExplainShell explains those cryptic command options
* *NIX: Interesting article on why gamers may become so important for Linux
Hope you enjoyed the latest edition of the newsletter -- see you in January!


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Man, that's a  lot of great software updates!

Indeed, it is a lot of great software updates along with lots of other information.

Thanks for the encouragement -- making the newsletters takes some time and effort and it's always nice to hear that it's appreciated.


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