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NANY 2014 Pledge: Productivity utility [withdrawn]

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I haven't been happy with any solution to manage my 'current workload'. (more to come)

I love seeing new productivity tools, even if they don't turn out to be useful they are fun.  I'd like to see more odd experiments with this genre.  :up:

I'm looking forward to seeing your work on this.  I've tried many programs that are targeted toward productivity, but haven't found one that fits me well.

My current list of productivity programs:
ToDoList (large projects)
OpenGTD on Outlook (managing the email flood at work-where M$ is solidly entrenched)
EssentialPIM (trying this out for smaller projects and email/calendaring at home)

If you are looking to develop a 'great unifier' or something that could replace any/all of these, I will be most interested in seeing the end result...and will help with testing, if desired.

+1 to any productivity option, big or small.

Yay, justice! Glad you're participating in NANY!!


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