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On importing data into Clipboard Help and Spell


It seems to me that it's time I added some IMPORT features to CHS, so that you can migrate data to it.

The question for those people who might have data they want to bring into CHS as clips, is what kind of format can you get that data into to make my job as easy as it can be?

Ditto keeps its data in a Sqlite database, and there's an option to export clips to a .dto file (the only format available).  Would you like a sample?

As a minimum, plain text files; and, please, plain text files simply marked up?  For the latter, here's part of a similar request I made in the CintaNotes forum, following a similar suggestion (adopted) for NoteFrog, using a fragment of my acronyms list.  Each "---+++ CintaNotes +++---" would demarcate a new note.

---+++ CintaNotes +++---

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (one of the various types of low-energy lightbulbs)

---+++ CintaNotes +++---

Prostate-Specific Antigen

---+++ CintaNotes +++---

Body Mass Index

---+++ CintaNotes +++---

Cabinet Office Briefing Room A
Hmmm...  maybe that should be "---+++ CHS +++---"   ;)

I could export in various formats -- CSV, TSV, XML...

In some cases,  I'd have to reformat some of the data to be able to import it. A Simple text "clip separator" as rjbull suggests would then do the job. (Either applied semi-automatically with a regex, in a text editor, or using a common search & replace function, or even by manually pasting the separator in between notes/clips -- this would certainly be quicker than to manually select and copy.)

BTW, mouser, CH&S is again my Clipboard Manager of choice. I left it behind for a while -- when it couldn't clip images -- and I decided to try it again. I'm impressed. It's a great app that does what it's supposed to do very well and has all the options I need, and more.  :-* :Thmbsup:


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