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NANY 2014 Release: ImgFloat (a tool for Screenshot Captor)

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I have it work by dropping the file onto ImgFloat.exe, but that's all.
With the ImgFloat service running.

How do you start ImgFloat?

Just tried it on a totally different machine that hasn't had it on it at all.  You shouldn't need the quotes.  

The sequence is as so (one of the reasons I haven't done the help yet is to see what kind of problems people have)
1. Invoke your screenshot.
2. Choose any option other than save as and follow through with that option (the file has to be saved before it can be shown)
3. The imgfloat window should appear.  The first time there will be a slight delay.

So you're saying that you drop a file onto imgfloat.exe and it runs and you see the image?  Then the program is working- it's something with how SSC is working with the image that it's not calling imgfloat at all.  We might need to ask mouser if there are any other cases where the external tool is not invoked.

How can I run it as a portable?
Or did I already by dropping the file on the exe.

you run it as portable by copying the config file from the portableconfig folder into the folder with the .exe.  This won't work in the program files directory, as I won't be able to write to it.  But you've answered the questions that needed answering- it's something to do with SSC calling it, not ImgFloat directly.  I dropped mouser a PM, and maybe he can shed some light or ask you the right questions about how you're invoking SSC.


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