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How to Capture Screenshot Capture Itself?


How does one use Screenshot Capture to capture screenshots of itself (e.g., those in documentation)?  Or does one just use a different tool?

Apologies if this has been answered before and my clumsy self-referential search in the SC forum failed to find it.

There is actually a menu item under the "Capture" menu to capture an image of Screenshot Captor window itself.
It's not in the tray menu, only the normal application window menu.

Thanks for quick response!  Found it under Capture menu in main window.  Should have known you would include it somewhere.  Not easy to search for in the forum, though.

QUESTION: How to use it to capture the new screenshot pop-up?  I can capture main window but not the one to illustrate the bug.  I'll poke around some more in a few minutes.  I'm documenting a bug in another program (hence installed SC again earlier).


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