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System functions not being correctly copied

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Happy Expat:
Hope you can read Swedish  ;D

Can you try something for me -- if you make a copy of the shortcut and replace the %windir% with the actual windows directory, does LBC copy the shortcut properties in that case?

Happy Expat:
No such luck. have screen dump of both the LBC configuration screen and the .exe properties if you need them.
In reality, I have already tried to send these twice but for some reason I keep getting timed out by the forum server when I send them and the reply is dropped >:(

Happy Expat:
Hi Mouser, You'll probably want to shoot me!
Had another look at the LBC configuration and the parameters ARE copied, just not to where I expected them.
In my defence, :-[ I was phased by the fact that the shortcuts appeared with strange images and all three application commands referred simply to "shutdown.exe". I was afraid to even test the links because I simply didn't want the system to interpret "logoff" as shut down at that point in time. I've now observed that there is an "arguments" field and, as you can see, the switches all go in there - as they should.

I must admit, it is VERY confusing that they are shown in a big box at the bottom.
I should fix that and put them in a format that one would expect.


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