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YouTube finally forces creation of google+ A/C to comment

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It's just the way they're going about things, in this particular instance by making the default choice 'everyone'. G+ is the jackass brother to pretty sisters. You have to tolerate his uninvited appearances and constant mouth-breathing if you want to keep seeing the girls. :D

I personally find Youtube invaluable these days. I called up my satellite TV provider and had my account suspended just yesterday after realizing I haven't used the service for over a month. I'd be happy to pay for Youtube instead. But Google would rather annoy me with a service I have no use for than take my money.

I'm using G+ so far more or less as my YouTube account.

Trying to keep it minimal, not "subscribing" to too many people. One guy uploaded about 60 videos in two days, so yesterday I tried to mute his posts - his posts from today are shown twice [edit] in notifications [/edit] (but in fairness, I haven't seen much bugginess apart from that).

A strange thing about G+ is that you can follow anyone - I'm not clear what exactly this means - can they still post stuff yet hide it from certain, or all followers?
That aspect doesnt actually bother me, but there's a streak of being a stalker in 'following' - I follow you: you have no idea who I am, or why I might be following you. You check out my site, maybe I dont make public posts (I do, as it happens).

I nearly prefer the FB approach where you make a request. But either way, my ideal would be that you would have to type a few words when choosing to follow someone. That person might not even read it - but if they choose to, and are interested in what you say, they could then follow up on you (apologies for the sort-of pun), and maybe even follow you.

I can see it being more suited to more wordy posts. Meaning I dont see it as being particularly suited to YT. Mind you I prefer to look at my G+ page than my oversubscribed YT page :-\

But I aint particularly happy with either.

On another note:
what I find unforgiveable is, that they have stolen the Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown keys for their own purposes :down:

Basically, when you follow someone, you can by default see their public posts.  They can block you, but this is very much a singular and manual process.

When you share something, by default you share it publicly, so that anyone can see it- even those that are not following you- because it's public.

You also make circles from the people that you are following.  You can put as many or as few people in circles- those not in circles don't really mean anything to you.

If you change the default share to point to one of your circles, then the people in that circle can see the content; it's no longer public.  You can share with more than one circle at a time.  And people can be in more than one circle.

So I might have you in a DoCo circle, and skwire in a DoCo and Development circle.  He doesn't know what circles he's in of mine... only that I've circled him.  you, skwire, and mouser follows me.

If I share to public, all of you can see my posts.  If I share to Development- skwire can see them, but you and mouser can't.  If share to DoCo, you and Skwire can see it... but mouser can't.  If I add development to that share, nothing changes as far as you are concerned.

Does that make a bit more sense?

They should give you a job wraith!
It's not as intuitive as they think (I did look at a few introductory videos and pages when I started) and the interface (as usual) could do with a bit of work.

Anyways, I'll stick with it for YT, and possibly expand it into other areas of interest. But the fact that google doesnt not allow me to g+ articles unless I use my real name is a big turn-off there. I'm not even looking for workarounds there - it pisses me off enough that I just wont currently expand my use of it. FWIW, I'm considering using my real name i.e. my google account name, but I hate the pressure, I find I stop thinking objectively about it ;-)

Another thing that bugs me is the content of the advertising - they keep suggesting that I follow people like Britney and her ilk :o I thought they had a little intelligence: they know my YT viewing history; I do very occasionally watch a 'popstar' video, but the music I watch is 99.999% either older (rock/pop/reggae/punk etc.), or traditional (Irish etc.), or Bluegrass, or jazz recommended on dc, i.e. *nothing* that is currently mainstream. Maybe they are at a loss what they could to sell me!

But anyways, I really just wanted to talk about the experience, and in general (in spite of my moaning), I've gotta say I'm enjoying it.


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