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YouTube finally forces creation of google+ A/C to comment

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I was actually considering starting a thread for alternatives to gmail. If a moderator doesn't split the last few posts into a new thread, I would politely ask people to stick to, or get back to, the YouTube topic :-)

Thank you!

^that was to shock you into submission :)

Google also now requires users to sign in with a Google+ account to rate Android apps in the Play Store.

I find that a lot more disturbing than requiring it for YouTube, because I really don't care what anyone says about a video, but I do care about who gets to rate apps I might be considering.

Stoic Joker:
What annoyed me was having to login to watch a video ... Since when did motorcycle racing become a "monitored" topic?? Is the elementary school PTA handling the rating systems these days? That BS needs to stop like yesterday!

I also don't see how you can claim that Google is a monopoly in any of the services it performs. For search there's Bing and numerous smaller players; for video there's Vimeo and others; for email there's and too many others to even think about; for social networking, they're playing second fiddle at best; and so on.

So where you're using Google, it's because, in one way or another, you believe they've got a superior product.
-CWuestefeld (November 14, 2013, 04:15 PM)
--- End quote ---

Heh ... well that's why I use Yahoo, because they're Not-Google! Even though they had Inferior Products for a decade!  ;D

But there's a nebulous zone of Near-Monopolies, where theoretically there are some bit players, but it's "almost a monopoly". The rough def of Monopoly is % based.

For example, in Microsoft the newly-returned from his Submarine Mine job over at Nokia, I think Stephen Elop was pondering killing Bing. So while it's *currently* there, it might be gone soon! Yahoo is already "powered" by Bing on the back end. For email, basically only like four companies have been around over a decade, mainly Google, Yahoo, MS, and your choice of a fourth.

The Youtube/Google+ drama summarized:


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