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Http vs Https Universally

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So I'm supposed to put out a not-insignificant amount of money as an act of solidarity?  Good luck with that one.

Once this letsencrypt gets a bit easier to use, I'll probably do it then.  But not before.-wraith808 (February 20, 2016, 12:53 PM)
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You've been able to get free certificates for quite a while, like StartSSL. While I probably wouldn't use that for anything sensitive, it's perfectly fine for solidarity. And the cost of computing resources of SSL has been neglicible for at least half a decade.

Of course you might be on a hosting provider that charges a premium for checking a checkbox. In that case, the burden might be too much for you - but you might also consider it an incentive for shopping around for competitive prices; chances are you haven't looked at that for a while.


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